Charlie Hunnam Girlfriend

So who is Charlie Hunnam girlfriend in the 2013?

Morgana McNelis is Charlie Hunnam girlfriend and the couple has been dating for a long time now. Here are some facts about Charlie, for those who do not know him. He is a British actor and also a screenwriter. He was born in England in Newcastle. He has a brother and according to the actor himself their father was really tough and their mother kind of bohemian. Thus that was the fact why his parents separated when they were two years old and when he was 12 his mother remarried and they moved to Lake District. Thus, the fact that he was from Newcastle ruined his childhood, because children wanted to try him out and prove that they can beat a kid from this place so he had to defend himself all the time, so he states himself that it was horrible.

When it comes to his personal life, he had other women in the past. Katherine Towne was called as Charlie Hunnam girlfriend since 1999. The couple met when they both were auditioning to get roles in television series Dawson’s Creek. After four weeks spent together they went to Las Vegas were he married Charlie Hunnam girlfriend, thus their marriage lasted for only 3 years until in 2002 they separated. In 2005 he was ninth among Elle Girl’s top 100 sexiest men.

In 2007 he met Morgana McNelis and she is the current Charlie Hunnam girlfriend. They have been dating for six years and she manages to keep herself out of the spotlight and it is working only because she is not in show business. Charlie Hunnam girlfriend is a jewelry designer and she started taking jewelry class when she was 20years old.

Even though she is not an actress, among things that inspire her to make jewelry she lists the movie Dracula as an influence. Also she named Alexander McQueen and Riccardo Tisci, they both are designers and her inspirations. She states in her personal website that the most important thing in her jewelry is quality and without it her jewelry would not hold its value. Charlie Hunnam girlfriend states that jewelry should be unique and beautiful, but they also have to be long lasting. She states that when women buy her jewelry she wants that they could wear it after 20 years have passed. Charlie Hunnam girlfriend has high expectations from herself and this is a good thing.

Charlie has joked about Charlie Hunnam girlfriend profession and stated that in case of their relationship he is going to be the one who receives a ring from her when they are getting engaged. She was making him a perfect ring and he states that he loves it and it is perfect. Charlie Hunnam girlfriend is lucky, because according to directors who have worked with him he is a nice guy and has a perfect aura. In addition in July of 2013 Charlie Hunnam girlfriend and Charlie decided to move into a ranch outside Los Angeles in order to keep their life peaceful and he announced this to the media himself.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Charlie Hunnam girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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