Bruno Mars Girlfriend

So who is Bruno Mars girlfriend in the 2013?

The singer Bruno Mars has broken a lot of hearts since the time that the media found out that Jessica Caban in Bruno Mars girlfriend. To begin here is some additional information about Bruno Mars or Peter Gene Hernandez, because that is his real name, Bruno Mars is just a nickname that he uses for his singing career. The singer was born and was raised in Hawaii and moved to Los Angeles only after he has finished school. Thus, he has started to make his career when he was still in his hometown, because he had performed there in early stages of his life. Bruno has been singing with such famous stars as Flo Rida and B.o.B. and he has released a lot of popular hits including When I was Your Man and the most popular one is Locked Out of Heaven. He has achieved plenty of awards for his music such like Grammys and other.
According to the media not only that his career is hitting it big, Bruno Mars’s love life is also making him happy. Bruno Mars girlfriend has been together with him for some time and according to the media their relationship are serious and might be into the nest level any time soon. Bruno Mars girlfriend is Jessica Caban, but the media knows her better by her nickname which is Vacaban. Jess was born in New York City and she was raised there also. Bruno Mars girlfriend became popular after she won the show Model Latina and since then she has worked as an American fashion model. Without her modeling career Jessica is also an actress and a dancer. She has made her name in acting career as in modeling also, because she has achieved awards for her roles. In 2013 Bruno Mars girlfriend was awarded for Best Acting performance at Boston International Film Festival and she has also been awarded for her role in the movie is You for Great Sex in Hoboken International Film Festival.
When it comes to Bruno Mars relationship with Jessica it looks like they started sometime around 2011 and since then they are seriously evolving. But Bruno has made a confession that he has dedicated one song for Jessica and it was When I Was Your Man. He has stated that there was a time in their life when Bruno Mars girlfriend was not treated in a nice way and this almost turned out to be bad for them and they were on the line of breaking up, but he managed to fix everything and he even wrote her a song. The singer has also revealed that he would like to have a strange wedding ceremony, so Bruno Mars girlfriend should get ready to have her celebration strange. He has stated that he would like to have a themed wedding and the theme would be circus. Further he notes that there should be pyrotechnics and other things related to circus like juggling and gymnastics and he is planning to learn all this when the big day comes so Bruno Mars girlfriend should really prepare herself for the big day.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Bruno Mars girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

bruno mars girlfriend

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