Benedict Cumberbatch Girlfriend

So who is Benedict Cumberbatch girlfriend in the 2013?

Benedict Cumberbatch is an English actor who began his career in theatre and not in the movies. He has had roles in classic plays and has even achieved awards for them. Despite his popularity this actor takes up charitable work and he is an ambassador of The Prince’s Trust and this is a charity founded by the Prince of Whales, Charles. It helps for disadvantaged young people in the UK. He has had one serious girlfriend in his life, whom he met at university and her name is Olivia Poulet. She was known as Benedict Cumberbatch girlfriend since 1999 and they were together for 12 years.
Despite the fact that they broke up their relationship the actor has stated that they remained good friends and that he is not going to stop loving her. He notes that it is impossible to stop adoring her and that he always will. He has opened about his personal life in one interview and stated that he does not hurry to settle down and maybe this was the reason why their relationship broke off. He has stated that in early stages of his life the actor thought that getting married young was great, because then you become a young father and he always thought that he will get married in mid-30 and have children. Now his opinion has changed, maybe because there is no longer Benedict Cumberbatch girlfriend whom he could marry.
He notes that a potential Benedict Cumberbatch girlfriend should have a great sense of humor. He notes that if a woman can make a man feel smart just by her conversation with him that she is sexy and he would like her. Further, he notes that Benedict Cumberbatch girlfriend should know how to work in team for example playing tennis; if she knows how to win together with him then they match. He states that it is important to get to know your partner at the beginning in order to build a trusting relationship before making any type of commitment for one another.
After the actor split from the former Benedict Cumberbatch girlfriend his half-sister notes that he has been struggling in order to find someone else who would be special in his life, because he needs that someone would be around him. His sister also notes that it might be hard for women to keep up with him, because the actor is smart. She has also compared him with his character Sherlock, because he is intellectual and he likes to read books. So a potential Benedict Cumberbatch girlfriend should be well educated and have a package of intellectuality on her.
In addition Benedict would not date an actress again, because the former Benedict Cumberbatch girlfriend was an actress. A woman who would agree to stay and wait while he makes his career and gets back home to her would be perfect. Thus his career is not going to end any time soon, because television series Sherlock is becoming more and more popular.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Benedict Cumberbatch girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

benedict cumberbatch girlfriend

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