Andy Murray Girlfriend

So who is Andy Murray girlfriend in the 2013?

Andy Murray is a tennis player from Scotland and he has big achievements in his record. He has been ranked as World No. 3 and British No.1. Andy Murray became a professional tennis player in 2005 in April when he was given the wild card entry to a clay-court tournament in Barcelona and ever since then his career as a tennis player evolved. Thus, it looks like things could have been different in his life, because when he was 15 years old he was offered to train with Rangers Football Club and the school that he was studying. Andy declined the offer, because he wanted to focus on his career as a tennis player. And he has achieved his goals and became one of the best in the world.
Andy Murray girlfriend is Kim Sears and they are dating since 2006. She is the type of girlfriend who does not like to miss any of the matches that he is having and wants to be there for him in order to support Andy. Andy Murray girlfriend began to date him when they both were eighteen years old and since then he is taking her to see his matches. She is an important person in his life, because when Andy won the first title as a professional in SAP Open in San Jose, California the first thing that he did was went into the stands to celebrate with Andy Murray girlfriend. So how did they meet each other in such an early age? Andy Murray girlfriend is a daughter of Nigel Sears and he is an English tennis coach, so they met each other because of the game that they both like, tennis. After Andy won the first tournament that he took Kim to he has stated that this made him feel relaxed and he won because of this. So he has notes that Kim should be with him in more of his games, because she brings him good luck. The athlete has kept his promise and Andy Murray girlfriend can be seen in the most of matches that he has.
Andy Murray girlfriend does not have any occupation at the moment so she has plenty of time to attend his matches. She has been studying, but after this the 25 years old does not have any job. Thus, she is reportedly a painter, an actress and an artist. In addition she does not have to work if she does not want to, because Andy makes enough money for them both. There are also rumors about this couple and that Andy Murray girlfriend might become his wife any time soon after the important matches that Andy is going to participate in. further there are talks that Andy Murray girlfriend wanted to get married to him earlier, but the athlete has rejected her offer, because they were still too young, so maybe he finally decided to propose for her. Thus even though he does not Andy Murray girlfriend looks happy with him and she brings him good luck.

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