Alexander Skarsgard Girlfriend

So who is Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend in the 2013?

The big fuss about Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend has been going on recently and Ellen Page was named this way. Thus it appears that they are not together, according to Alexander himself. Rumors about her being the new Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend began when director Zal Baltmanglij tweeted a picture of them together. In the picture rumored Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend was in his warm embrace and he was holding her with his right arm around her shoulder. Not only that they were hugging each other Alexander planted a kiss on her head. Thus the rumors only increased when alleged Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend also tweeted the same picture and she joked that they were wearing matching outfits together.

However in real life she is not Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend, because they both denied these rumors about them. It is also unclear when the exact time that this picture of them together was taken was. The actor has had women in his past that he was serious about and there were also only short flings in his life. He used to date Evan Rachel Wood and she was known as Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend. They both are co-stars of television series True Blood. Further he has dated Kate Bosworth and she was known as Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend also. She was his co-star of the movie Straw Dogs, so he must have something when it comes to women who act together with him, thus, this is the easiest way for actors to find someone to be with. Last summer Anne V a model was known as Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend, but they were together for a really short time and at the moment the actor is single.

In one recent interview Alexander stated that he would love to have a girlfriend. Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend should be similar to his ex-girlfriend Kate, because he joked about missing her, thus his looks was sad. Even though he is thrilled about the way that his career is going in recent years he notes that everything would be different if there would be someone special in his life, who he could love. A source stated that he is lonely and has felt this way a lot recently.

In the same interview Alexander states that after the end of his role in television series True Blood he is going to go on vacation in Iceland where he is spending a couple of weeks without his iPad and other technologies. The actor is going to relax and the only thing that could be better is if Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend would exist and come together with him. Here are some facts about this actor that you might not know. He is Sweden and his first movie role was given to him by his father’s friend, who is a director. Thus it happened when he was sonly seven years old and it was a Swedish move. In his life he has served in Swedish military for eighteen months and this made him a stronger man.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Alexander Skarsgard girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

alexander skarsgard girlfriend

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