Adam Scott Girlfriend

So who is Adam Scott girlfriend in the 2013?

Adam Scott is a professional golfer. He was born in Australia, but when Adam was nine his family decided to move to Sunshine Coast in Queensland. After high school where he was a part of Golf Australia National Squad, he decided to study in the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. His career as a professional golfer took off in 2001 when he won European Tour’s Alfred Dunhill Championship in Johannesburg. Adam has had famous ladies in his life that were called as Adam Scott girlfriend.
In 2010 Ana Ivanovic was known as Adam Scott girlfriend and she is the former number one tennis player in the world. The couple separated when she lost her status and slide down in the rankings because of her poor performances in her matches. Thus she must had something special that he liked, because in 2011 they reunited again, and this time they stayed together for one year and then broke up again, so she is no longer Adam Scott girlfriend.
In 2013 during one interview after his success in the Masters tournament he stated that Marie Kojzar is the new Adam Scott girlfriend. Adam Scott girlfriend is 33 years old and she is a Swedish architect. Thus she is not nearly as famous as his past relationship that includes not only Ana, but also the actress Kate Hudson. The couple met each other while she was working as an au pair for Thomas Bjorn. Thus even though she was working as a nanny for one of the golf players this did not distract his attention from her, so she must have something special.
Thus, because people thought that Adam is single there were suggestions that he should participate in the reality show The Bachelor, but he made it clear on his twitter account that he is with someone and that he is happy at the moment and does not want to change a thing. Adam Scott girlfriend receives only nice world from him, he has stated that she went to school for a lot of years and now she is using this knowledge that should not be wasted.
In addition it seems that Adam Scott girlfriend has dated him since 2001 and their relationship are on and off. So maybe this time they are together in a serious way. Scott also notes that Marie is ambitious and this is a great quality of hers, because she tries real hard to achieve something in her life.
So here are some facts about Adam Scott girlfriend. She was born in Stockholm and after she finished high school she went to study in Royal College of Arts in London. Further she has worked as an architect assistant in Alison Brooks Architects Ltd. In the past Marie has been Adam Scott girlfriend for seven years since 2001 until 2008 and Adam states that this was a tough time in his life, because he could not concentrate on his game and anything else except her. Now, when they are reunited maybe they will be together for the rest of their lives.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Adam Scott girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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