Adam Levine Girlfriend

So who is Adam Levine girlfriend in the 2013?

Adam Levine is the lead singer of a group called Maroon 5. Adam likes to date nice women and in the recent time he has been changing girlfriends in a fast way and most of them were models with perfect figures. The current Adam Levine girlfriend is Behati Prinslo, but he has some trouble when it comes to stating the news about his new relationships for the former Adam Levine girlfriend. Adam has an interesting way to tell his ex that he is in a relationship with someone new. The former Adam Levine girlfriend named Nina Agdal was informed about his engagement with Behati through a simple text message.
According to New York Post the former Adam Levine girlfriend was heartbroken when she found out that he was getting married. Maybe she would have reacted in a better way if Adam would have told her himself, but when the news were stated from an impersonal message the model felt sad. Nina, who is only 21 years old, has dated Adam during the time when he was single and recently broken up with Behati. Adam has even taken Nina on holiday into Los Cabos in Mexico and they were seen enjoying one another’s company and getting close to one another. So what happened between them? It appears that Adam decided that he still has feelings for Behati, who was Adam Levine girlfriend for a year before he started dating Nina and he decided that he wants to be with her again. Thus, it is a good thing that Adam decided about this while it is not too late for him because Behati took him back and now they are even getting married.
A source close to Adam has stated his opinion that Nina and Adam were never going to make it, because as he knows Adam he states that the singer was consistently thinking about Behati and he wanted to be with her. So he has made his dreams come true and Adam Levine girlfriend has stated in the recent interview that she thrilled to become the future Mrs. Levine. Behati, who is 24 years old, stated that he has made his proposal traditional and got onto one knee in order to put the ring on her finger. Adam Levine girlfriend states that she still cannot believe that this is happening in her life and that he made the proposal so old school.
Adam Levine girlfriend states that the couple is not making any plans for their wedding and that they are enjoying their new status. Thus, she notes that she has plenty of ideas in her mind about the way that she wants to make things in their upcoming marriage but she has not told them aloud yet. Adam Levine girlfriend is a Namibian model and she was discovered by Sarah Doukas in Cape Town South Africa when she was only 16 years old. So the holyday that Adam Levine girlfriend was having at that country turned out well for her. Now Adam Levine girlfriend is Victoria’s Secret Angel and she is a famous model just as Adam is a famous singer.

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adam levine girlfriend

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