Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend

So who is Aaron Rodgers girlfriend in the 2013?

Aaron Rodgers is the Green Bay Packers quarterback so it is a natural thing that the media is concerned about his love life and the fact who is Aaron Rodgers girlfriend is important. Destiny Newton is Aaron Rodgers girlfriend and she does not have a history in popularity, but she attracts the media attention just because of the fact that she is dating Aaron. The fact that Aaron Rodgers girlfriend is not famous makes the media want to know more about her, because she might become his wife one day and he is popular in the football world, so their relationship are of big interest for the media. They have been dating each other for a couple of years now, but they kept this in quiet and she did not attend a lot of Packers games, but since they got engaged in last November their relationship began to be written about in the media.
Aaron Rodriguez girlfriend was born and raised in Chico California and Aaron is also from the same country. According to her mother the couple met each other in a church camp while they were still teenagers and they stayed friends. After some time spent as friends they decided to become a couple and made their relationship serious. Thus Aaron still spends time in volunteering with church youth so he never lost his faith and Destiny’s involvement with the church is not known. Aaron Rodriguez girlfriend is not the only child in her family and she has two sisters named Vanessa and Shawntel. One of her sisters, Shawntel can be known from the television show The Bachelor, because she has participated and made it to the final four but did not win.
Aaron Rodriguez girlfriend moved to San Diego in order to become a bartender just after she finished high school. Thus she wanted to get into college and she moved back to her parents while she earned her BA degree in communications at California State University. Thus when Aaron Rodriguez girlfriend lived in San Diego she has given one interesting interview in which she has stated that she loves Jack Daniels and that she is going to be a cow girl at heart.
Aaron Rodriguez girlfriend has deleted all of her accounts now that she is known and the media is interested in her and everything that can be found is from her sisters’ accounts. Further the couple tries to keep their relationship private and they try to avoid being in the media together. And they are doing a good job when it comes to keeping a low profile. Thus still there are rumors about their wedding and that they are going to have it in the late spring or the early summer, before Aaron has to go on the training camp. Aaron Rodriguez girlfriend likes nature and everything that is natural, she has stated in one interview that she would rather spent her time outside riding a horse than riding a mechanic bull in a bar.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Aaron Rodgers girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

aaron rodgers girlfriend

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