Aaron Hernandez Girlfriend

So who is Aaron Hernandez girlfriend in the 2013?

Aaron Hernandez is a former American Football player and Shayanna Jenkins is known as Aaron Hernandez girlfriend. Here are some facts about Aaron’s career as a football player. He played football since the days that he was attending University of Florida. He was one of the best players among the BCS National Championship. He was a great athlete and he was signed with the Patriots in 2012 with a big contract that earned him a lot of money, but in 2013 everything changed in his life. Aaron was released from his team, because he was accused of shooting of Odin Lloyd, who died because of his injuries. Further with this accusation there were other ones that Aaron was investigated for. There are investigations of other instances of violence and also other murders in Florida and Massachusetts that he might be responsible for.
Aaron might be into a big trouble because there is plenty of evidence against him and a lot of actions that he made during the time that Odin was killed that raise a lot of suspicion about him. Further Aaron Hernandez girlfriend might also be connected with this murder. First, Odin’s body was found in an industrial park which is only a mile away from Hernandez house. The body had multiple gunshot wounds in the back and the chest. Further, Aaron had destroyed his home security system particularly that time when the incident happened and also he had hired a team of house cleaners the same day that Odin’s body was found, so Hernandez raises a lot of suspicion.
Thus it looks like there are facts that raise suspicion about Aaron Hernandez girlfriend also. It appears that there is no gun found with which Odin has been killed and investigators continue to search for this weapon. So their attention was focused on Aaron Hernandez girlfriend because she has rented a storage using a credit card that belongs to Hernandez himself. So the place that she has rented was searched because there is an existing belief that Aaron Hernandez girlfriend has been helping him in order to hide the evidence. Even though Aaron Hernandez girlfriend was not accused of any connection to Lloyd’s death in the beginning now the opinion has changed. All of the court documents and surveillance videos and text message that she has written to Hernandez shows that she might know were the weapon used in this murder is hidden.
Moreover, Aaron Hernandez girlfriend has a sister Shaneah and she was the girlfriend of Odin Lloyd and this is also suspicious. All of the evidence that police has shown how the surveillance camera has captured Aaron Hernandez girlfriend leaving his house with a heavy bag with her just after he has sent her a message to take the guns out of the house so she must have done it. Even though the murder weapon has not been found yet Aaron Hernandez girlfriend should be careful because is she is accused of cooperating with Hernandez then her future is going to be also hard.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Aaron Hernandez girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

aaron hernandez girlfriend

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